Cch dng Keyboard Shortcuts trong Windows, Applications, v Web

A. Windows

Keyboard Shortcuts Action

<Ctrl>-<Esc> or <Windows>

Open or close the Start menu


Switch back to a running program

<Alt>, press <Tab> repeatedly

Switch to another running program Hold down


Open Windows Explorer to My Computer


In Explorer, move to the current folders parent folder


Rename the selected folder or file

<Ctrl>-F or <F3>

In Explorer, search for a file


Search for a file in a new window


Search for a computer in a new window


Minimize open windows or restore minimized windows


Minimize open windows


Close an open window


Close a folder and all its parents


Restore windows minimized by <Windows>-M


Open the Run dialog box


Open the current windows Control menu


Open Task Manager


Open System Properties


Open the context (right-click) menu


Open the Properties dialog box of the selected item


Delete without using the Recycle Bin


Go to the beginning


Go to the end

 B. Applications

Keyboard Shortcuts Action


Save the current document


Open a new document

<Ctrl>-Z or <Alt>-<Backspace>

Undo the last thing


Undo the last undo


Select the entire current document





 <Ctrl>-C twice

View contents of the Office clipboard




Open the Print dialog box


Turn italics on or off


Turn bold on of off


Turn underline on of off

<Ctrl>-F or <F3>

Launch a programs search or find tool

<Ctrl>-G or <F5>

Launch a programs Go To dialog box

C. Internet Explorer

Keyboard Shortcuts Action


Go to the Address bar


Add www. before and .com after, what youre typing in the Address

<F5> or <Ctrl>-R

Refresh the current web page


Refresh current Web page regardless of time-stamps


Stop downloading a Web page

<F3> or <Ctrl>-E

Show or hide the search bar


Open the Find dialog box


Show or hide the History bar


Show or hide the Favorites bar


Toggle full-screen mode on or off


Open the Open dialog box

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