ClearType Tuner PowerToy

An alternative to our popular online ClearType Tuner, Windows XP PowerToy lets you activate and tune your ClearType settings via the Windows Control Panel.
download - ClearType Tuner PowerToy
location -
file details - setup.exe 2.47MB
requirements - Windows XP
installation - Select the download location. Choose 'Run' or save the file to a local drive and run it from there.
use - Access the tuner from the Windows Control Panel.
Using the tuner

To start the tuner, select Start and then Control Panel. If you are in Category View, select Appearance and Themes, and then ClearType Tuning.

If you are in Classic View, just select ClearType Tuning.

Start the Wizard or select the Advanced tab.

Follow the steps and use the context sensitive help if needed.

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